Sharon McQueen has taught graduate courses at Rutgers University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, The University of Iowa, Old Dominion University, where she served as Director of the Learning Resources Center (LRC), and the University of Kentucky, where she served as Director of both The McConnell Center for the Study of Youth Literature and the annual McConnell Youth Literature Conference. Dr. McQueen has taught courses on children's literature, literature for teens, advanced critical analysis of children’s literature, children’s literature "classics," public librarianship, library materials for children, library materials for teens, and library services for both children and teens.


Old Dominion University

Shining Star Teaching Recognition, 2015

Editorial: And Then They Teach

By Francine Fialkoff, Editor-in-Chief

Library Journal

University of Kentucky, College of Communication and Information Studies

CCIS Excellence in Teaching Award Nomination, 2007


Quotes used with permission

Old Dominion University

"Dr. McQueen goes above and beyond for her students. She was by far the most influential professor at ODU who provided me with many excellent skills that I use in the Elementary classroom. Her passion, energy and enthusiasm exudes in her teaching, which made attending her class such a delight. I feel extremely lucky to have had her as a professor..."

​​ Holly Scott, Virginia Beach City Public Schools, VA

Rutgers University

"As I spent the last two days shelving and shelf reading, I was struck by how much I knew solely because of your course with respect to both the quantity and quality of information as well as the additional information I picked up because of the way you structured the weekly discussions. I struck solid gold by registering for your section!"

​ Liz Lien, Princeton Public Schools, NJ​

University of Kentucky

"Professor McQueen’s classes are packed full of advice, information, and encouragement. She expects the best of her students, and she is willing to do what it takes to help her students do their best work."

​​ Laura Amos, Newbery Committee Member 2012

University of Iowa

"Though the content of her classes was delightfully rich, Sharon also found time to provide further opportunities for interested students. She always had time to speak with students outside of class and helped several of us plan our first trip to an ALA conference. Many of us were so caught up in the excitement Sharon generated in class, that we met outside of class time to further pursue topics of interest. Sharon was present at several of these meetings. Even after class had finished and we were no longer technically her students, Sharon created wonderful opportunities for us, arranging for us to meet Lois Ehlert and to tour her studio."

​ Neala Arnold, St. Francis Elementary School, MN​

University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Each week, Sharon tried new ways to encourage participation and if I failed to speak up, she would use her own voice to share my ideas. It seemed that she would stop at nothing to discover and develop our talents. It is to Sharon’s credit that I felt like a valued member of the class. Although I was not a student of the department, Sharon made time to meet with me, even after the course was completed. It was with her guidance that I found myself eventually attending library school. Throughout my time in the program, despite the fact that she was commuting from other cities to teach, I would periodically find thoughtful messages of support and encouragement in my campus mailbox. When you were a student, perhaps you were lucky enough to have an instructor like Sharon: one who does not settle for mediocrity, but digs deep to find that which is truly excellent in her students, and then inspires them to express it. Sharon has truly been a great teacher and mentor to me..."

​ Lisa Nachreiner, University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries