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Second Edition Reviews

As I was reading this book, I had one-word that kept coming to mind, and that word was 'wisdom.' The advice in this book is the result of two individuals who have accumulated wisdom from years in the field.... This 2nd edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to be as current as possible. The writing is straightforward which makes it accessible, especially to those just beginning in the field or organizing a new bookbinding and repair shop. There are a number of excellent books on the 'how-to' of repairing books, but this volume excels in this area with numerous drawings to illustrate complex and simple bookbinding tasks.... In-House Bookbinding and Repair is a great book for both the beginner and the experienced binder. A beginner will be able to read the text and have all the bases covered from A to Z with sources and a bibliography full of additional useful resources. An experienced binder will also find value by tapping into the wisdom, tips, and practices this book describes. I would recommend this title for all libraries.

Technical Services Quarterly

Advance Praise for the Second Edition

Comprehensive yet highly readable, wise yet witty, this guide should be on the shelf of every bibliophile and librarian interested in the care of books. Well illustrated, it is not simply a handbook on book surgery but an introduction to book anatomy and history as well.

Edward J. Valauskas

​​ Curator of Rare Books, Lenhardt Library, Chicago Botanic Garden

​This is an extremely valuable guide for non-specialists who may need to repair an occasional book or develop a modest binding and repair facility — but it is much more than that. It is an anatomy of books as physical objects with all their many sinews, organs, and protective layers. And above all, this work validates the love that many have for the book as artifact and the fact that these objects can be revered and preserved in an era in which too many materials are considered disposable.

Thomas Walker, Ph.D.

Director, Palmer School of Library and Information Science

​ Long Island University (LIU Post)

Here in clear English is detailed, practical, experience-based information on selecting and designing workshop space, assessing its capabilities and potential problems, practical solutions to common problems, selecting equipment, and thoughts on things one might not think about till it is too late. Definitely explains why James Towmey is a successful binder and why I've used him for years. Sharon McQueen's original text, now updated and refined by Twomey and McQueen, will satisfy the needs of the teacher and the practitioner.

David Szewczyk

Proprietor, The Philadelphia Rare Books & Manuscripts Company, LLC

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